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Figure Review: Rank & File 15mm Miniatures

19th Century European Conflicts

For those of you who are interested in gaming the European conflicts of the 19th Century, there are no better 15mm figures available than Rank & File. Existing lines cover a wide range of conflicts:

These figures are well-cast of flexible metal, which sets them apart from one of the other major 15mm manufacturers in this area, Freikorps 15s, who use a more brittle alloy (although this may have been improved recently). They have very simple, clean lines, not unlike Minifigs, which makes them remarkably easy to paint, and sets them apart from the Old Glory 15mm figures. At the same time, poses tend to be very animated, much moreso than Minifigs. The ranges are comprehensive, offering all of the variants needed to game the conflicts listed above. Historical accuracy of uniforms and equipment is excellent - these figures were designed by a period enthusiast!

They are available in packs of 24, singly, or packaged for the excellent grand-tactical ruleset In the Age of Bismarck and Napoleon III at brigade, division, and corps level. Contact 19th Century Miniatures for listing and prices, or to order on-line. (Note that this outfit also has the excellent 25mm Battle Honors figures for 1859 through Franco-Prussian conflict, covering Saxons, Austrians, and French.)

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