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Baron von Steuben's Revolutionary War Drill Manual

(Author's Note: Hopefully, the entire manual will one day appear here, but for the time being, I will post the chapters one at a time, as I complete them. I will take these out of order, as they are of different degrees of interest to those who write miniatures rules and care about this kind of simulation.)

This particular drill manual is worth looking at, because it represents not the full drill manuals of the British or Prussian armies of the period, but a very strongly applied drill manual, meant to produce troops capable of fighting a highly professional army on equal terms, in a minimum amount of time. Consequently, I think it is likely that von Steuben's manual captures the most practical aspects of drill, which are those most likely to be of actual use in a battlefield situation.

Chapter 1 - Of the Arms and Accoutrements of the Officers, Non-commissioned Officers, and Soldiers.

Chapter 2 - Objects with which the Officers and Non-commissioned Officers should be acquainted.

Chapter 3 - On the Formation of a Company

Chapter 7 - The Exercise of a Battalion

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